The Moustache is Back

Published: 21st May 2010
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It is an exciting time in the world of facial hair, because the moustache is back. Having been a style symbol since the invention of rocks, men (and some women) have been shaping, trimming, curling, twisting, combing, preening and simply growing their facial hair. But it seems in recent years the moustache has been reserved for only pubescent boys or the elderly war veterans. As a style accessory it has had its head down for too long, and now it is back.

Spurred on by charitable campaigns such as 'Movember,' in which groups of friends, students or co-workers challenge each other to a moustache growing competition. More and more moustaches have been popping up on many unexpected top lips. While having the excuse of supporting good causes like 'The Prostate Cancer Charity' people everywhere are inspired to experiment with the wealth of moustache styles that exist.

The World Beard and Moustache Championships has six categories of moustache:

Natural - This is a moustache which is grown without using any aids. Pretty much what happens when you don't shave for a week and is recommended for first timers.

Hungarian - As sported by Mexican revolutionary General Emilio Zapata. The Hungarian style moustache is big and bushy, is grown up to 1.5 cm beyond the edge of the lips and is parted under the middle of the nose and drawn out to the sides.

Dali - Name after Salvador Dali, his moustache is very narrow and is grown long and styled steep, almost vertically upwards from the edge of the lips, while the space between the edges is shaved clean.

English - Beginning at the middle of the upper lip, this narrow moustache is pulled to the side and pointed slightly upwards at the edge of the lips. And the space around the corner of the mouth is usually shaved, to reveal just a glimpse of that famous stiff upper lip.

Imperial - The most famous example of the Imperial moustache is that of Frank Zappa. So much so that after his death, the Zappa Family Trust copyrighted its image. The Imperial moustache typically involves whiskers from both the upper lip and cheeks, and then of course, curled upwards.

Freestyle - Freestyle moustaches include every other type of moustache imaginable that doesn't match one of the other classes. Some of the most well known are: The Fu Manchu, the Handlebar, the Pencil, and of course the Toothbrush.

There are of course other grooming products that perfect that sculptured look, for women there are perfumes, while men's aftershave has also been used through the ages.

No longer is the moustache something to be just lost down the plug hole. It is a reinvigorated fashion icon a new way to make a statement. I think you will agree that the moustache is back and that there are many weird and wonderful styles to choose from. Why not try them all?

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