Tips on Choosing a Great 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Published: 18th May 2009
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If you are looking for a 50th Wedding Anniversary gift that will be appreciated and remembered, consider looking into having the special couples pictures restored, or maybe even enhanced. You can give them a golden anniversary gift that will stand out from the trays and plaques that are typically given at these events. You can give a unique photo gift that will be remembered every time they look at the picture.

There are a couple of photo anniversary gift options that you should look into. The first is finding the couples older pictures and having them restored. Over time photographs can become faded and worn, and if not properly cared for, can become damaged. Details of a special moment will be hard to see, and the enjoyment of looking at those pictures can lessen. But you can make help to refresh those memories as a special 50th anniversary gift.

Photo restoration techniques can digitally restore the details that have faded away from older photographs. Images can be sharpened, and in the case of damaged or torn photos, the evidence of the damage can be removed.

Another unique photo gift is giving the couple a picture that has been enhanced. Photo enhancement techniques now make it possible to do many different things with a picture. Older pictures that were taken in black and white can now be colourised. The beautiful sky in the background can be made blue, and the lipstick of a young bride can have that same red colour that she wore on her wedding day. It could also mean leaving the picture in black and white and just adding colour to one particular item, like the red roses in the bride’s hands.

Photos can also be altered so that two separate photos could be combined. If you have pictures of two people on separate pictures, they could be combined into one single composite picture. You could also have several pictures combined into a collage, or collection of shots against one background.

Another great golden anniversary gift idea is to take one of the pictures you had restored, such as an old wedding photo, and have that photo enlarged and super imposed onto another photo, this could be a scenic background, perhaps it could be their honeymoon location or maybe a favorite place they like to visit. This makes a great keepsake. If you have the enlarged photo framed, it could be hung above the fireplace, or on the living room wall. The recipients will remember your gift every time they see their wedding picture on the wall.

A 50th anniversary gift of a restored or an enhanced photograph is something the couple will remember, and will truly appreciate. There are many unique photo gift ideas that are possible, and each would make for a special golden anniversary. If you know someone with an anniversary approaching photo restoration, or even photo repairs, could help you come up with the perfect gift.

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