What is the Importance of Wearing Shooting Socks While Out Clay Pigeon Shooting?

Published: 21st February 2008
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When shooting the right look is essential. While blending into the environment is important head to knee, the socks can be a real expression of individuality. Shooting knee-high socks should be worn two-fingers width below the knee, with a folded back top under the shooter's breeks (also known as plus fours or plus twos). It is often within the top folded panel that the colour or design can be found, ranging from a simple contrast colour line or band to intricate pheasant motifs. Even the simplest of socks can be in some 'noticeable' colours and, as many men in the field prove, pink is certainly not just for the ladies! As many wearers are aware a full days shooting can really test the quality of the sock. The fit is critical; too tight and the circulation may be restricted but then again, too loose and they can be a source of blisters due to friction between the boot sock and foot.

A small percentage of Lycra can aid adaptability to the individual foot, whilst maintaining comfort. Nylon in the mix will boost durability and further the distribution of the fibres can be varied so that the heel and toe can be reinforced. Merino wool is often found in high percentages as it is a particularly soft and comfortable fibre, especially when compared to the old itchy materials that used to be used. In these older styles the toe seam used to be a source of particular discomfort but recent developments in this area can provide an answer to this problem. Flat or link seams are now often implemented for the wearers comfort as well as added resistance to wear and strain.

A great place on the web to get quality shooting clothing is The Country Catalogue. This site has a large selection of shooting socks, and a great selection of shooting breeks range.

Another area in sock design that has been improved is the ability of the fabric to draw moisture away from the foot, known as wicking, whilst maintaining warmth, features which can both be found with merino wool, hence its frequent use in shooting socks. Ribbing over the calf both allows the sock to stretch over larger calves but also grip to the leg to prevent slippage. Traditionally, garters are also worn at the top of the sock to keep them up. Today two types are available; the old style which are wound and tucked round the sock or flashes which are attached to adjustable elastic, the ideal accessories to complete your shooting ensemble! Children are also catered for with socks made in appropriate sizes for them and with a range of colours available they can feel that they truly look the part. Shooting socks now combine the long standing traditional styles associated with the sport, with technological advances to give the optimum comfort. With such a range of styles available everyone should be able to find the perfect sock to really match end express their personality!

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